Open Heart

Open Heart explores matters, which seem important, concerning, and not always recognizable – the relation to our own heart and the heart of others.

The art pieces are 6 pillars, which invite to stimulate both the body, the senses, and the intellect in an aesthetic manner, in order to realize the capacities and qualities of the heart.

The pillars consist of

  • Art portraits and statements from participants of different ages
  • 400 children’s` drawings “This is what my Heart looks like”, combined with children’s` interpretations of well-known proverbs.
  • Fact boxes with QR-codes “Did you know…”, explaining about science and theories about, what the heart is capable of beside of being af pump.
  • Art pieces with interactive exercises of reflection.

I have collaborated with graphic designer Trine Kirketerp regarding the setting up of the artworks. Read more about her here:

The 6 pillars

In danish language

The project is supported by

The following foundations and sponsors have supported the project:

  • Svendborg Municipality
  • The fund from Fynske Bank
  • The Merkur Foundation
  • Frimodt Heinecke Foundation
  • Halberg A/S
  • C.C. Jensen
  • G. K. Kaysen
  • Munck Group A/S
  • SnitGrønt by Jesper Lundsgaard
  • SPAR Thurø by Lene and Kim Christensen

Photos from the Opening Premie

Do you want to know more....

Music producer and entrepreneur Steven Leavitt from California have interviewed me for a podcast about me and my art project Open Heart. You can listen here:

Do you have an interest in workshops click here: Open Heart Workshops

Youtube videoes (in danish) about me, my art and art projects.

Childrens Art work