Greenland - The world, is as we think it


“Greenland- The World is, as we think it” is a fund-supported art project about “Greenlandicness and challenges” consisting of an art and reflectionbook and an art portraits. The art project involves 20 people who recognize themselves as Greenland natives. They are portrayed in the book as well as in the exhibition. The project focuses on identity and self-awareness – and the project investigates and illuminates “Where is Greenlandic Ness going?”

Throughout 8 years, the exhibition has been shown in Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, and Denmark.

Some examples of the art work

Some examples of the pages from the art book

Information about the book

Greenland – the world is, as we think it
by Linda Riber
Foreword: Julie Berthelsen
Translators: Helga Maqe Nielsen, Bob Rayce
Publication year
186 pages, illustrated in colours
28×30 cm
Parallel texts in Danish, Greenlandic and English

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