Statements from earlier participants

Hurry up, and sign up, if this caught your attention. It doesn`t get any better.


Participating in one of Linda`s Open heart workshops was a strong, beautiful , and energizing experience. Linda is an experienced, warm, and very skillful workshop-leader. In just a few hours, Linda managed to transmit her research-based knowledge about the intelligence of the heart – and manages to guide us with simplicity, ease, and depth. It is forceful to experience how simple it is to contact the inner wisdom that lives in the heart. And wonderful to have been given a tool that works, lifts, enriches, and creates happiness and inner peace. Thank you very much, Linda. I warmly recommend Open Heart workshop.


On a sunny afternoon, late October, I walked to Atelier Riber. Artist Linda Riber had invited to a workshop called “Open Heart”. And what a meeting!! Linda Is a God given, loving, empathetic, humorous, and inspiring guide. She leads us, beautifully through various themes of the day. Research and theories about the magic capabilities of the heart. But mostly, the subject called: Heart experimentation. For those of you who are ready for a voyage of discovery into the universe of the heart, I warmly recommend this workshop. My spirit was lifted, and this little poem appeared:

As my heart dripped tears

My resistance and control disappeared

The soft rhythm  found it`s place in my universe





Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon, you are beautiful , warmhearted woman.
Your workshop, Open Heart, is so fine in its core – you manage to create a unique space, wherein  it is possible to tune into one`s own heart – and hear the messages. You also share your knowledge and facts about the heart and it`s physical properties. The heart is more than a pump. How beautiful it the world would e if everybody dared to listen, reach out, and set oneself free – through the heart.

I hope your exhibition and your workshops reach many people. Because this is, what the world needs right now.


Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop today. Meditation, creative process, and facts. You are a great instructor.


I wanted to participate because it sounded like something very new and different for me.  I have always only looked at the heart as an organ meant to keep us alive, and if it failed, it would be repaired with medicine – and then you came with new and exciting approach, and that made me curious. I think it has been very instructive and stimulating. Some things were real eyeopeners for me, and has showed me, what the heart can do apart from pumping. I never thought about that before: I would like to encourage others to join a workshop, and I would like to say to them: “If you think maybe this is something for you. Try it. It is a very special, exiting, and different world”.