Linda Riber

About me:

My passion is to give through my art and my art projects. It is my opinion, that art is for reflection and can help us expand our minds as human beings. Art is to create and to recognize something you have not seen before – and art invites us to talk about what we find important and relevant.

Right now I exhibit my sound and video art installation about the metaphysical heart. Read more here:

I am a member of the Danish Counsel of Visual Art and have participated in various exhibitions – in Denmark and abroad. Previously I have worked on a large, fund financed art project about “Greenland and their challenges” which involves a book and an exhibition. 20 people participated in the project. They recognize themselves as people of the Greenland culture and they are portrayed in the book and in the exhibition. The exhibition has been shown in Greenland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Germany, and Denmark. I have also illustrated children’s` books , and I have printed 7 postal stamps for Greenland Postal Services. I have many years’ experiences in artist-talks, and creative workshops for people of all ages, and I enjoy very much the interactive meeting in the creative process development.

I have a background as an occupational therapist, and I have an education as project manager.

I live on the island of Thurø with my husband Martin, and we have two wonderful grown-up children. I find happiness in nature, culture, and being physically active. I find inner peace and indulge in literature about spirituality, science, art, cultural health, and everything which can enrich my everyday life.


Self-employed visual artist – Author – Project management – Creative process management – Facilitator – Cultural health – Occupational therapist – Teacher


  • Member of The Danish Artists Union (BKF)

Solo Exhibitions

  • Open Heart art installation, Svendborg, Denmark 2022
  • Travelling exhibition: “Greenland – The world is, as we see it” visting 8 different Museums along the West Coast of Greenland, 2015 – 2018
  • Gallery GREEN, Denmark, 2014
  • Flensborg, Germany, 2012
  • Nordic House, Faroe Islands 2011
  • Nordic House, Iceland 2010
  • Taseralik, Culture house, Sisimiut Greenland 2010
  • Katuaq, Culture House, Nuuk Greenland 2010
  • Naturama, Svendborg Denmark 2008
  • The Greenlandic house, Odense, Denmark 2007
  • Sturehof, Stockholm, Sweden 2005
  • Katuaq, Greenlandic House of Culture; Greenland 2005
  • Gallery of Arts and Handicraft, Svendborg; Denmark 2003
  • Greenlands National Museum and Archieve, Nuuk 2002
  • Home Rule, Nuuk  Greenland 2002
  • Dahl Gallery, Randers, Denmark 2001
  • The Greenladers Hoouse in Copenhagen, Denmark 2001
  • The Greenlandic Houses in Aalborg og Aarhus, Denmark 2001
  • Hans Egedes Church, Copenhagen, Denmark 2001
  • Levins House, Faaborg, Denmark 2001
  • Various Art Associations: Faaborg Midtfune County 2010, Svendborg County 2008,
  • The Ministry of Energy, Copenhagen 2007, Faaborg County 2006, Haderslev County 2006, Ringe County 2004, National Cancer Society 2004, National Tax Council Svendborg 2007 og 2003, Vejle Fiord Centre 2002, Mac Baren, Svendborg 2002/2009, Funens County Newspaper 2001/ 2010, Svendborg County 2000.

Group Exhibition

  • Travelling exhibition: “Greenland NOW” 2018- 2019
    Morsø County
    North Atlantic House
    Fredrikshavn Museum
    Kolding County
    Korsør County
    Albertslund County
    Hillerød County
    Vesthimmerlands Museum
    Vestjyllands Art Pavillon
    Gallery GREEN, “What you see, is what you get” 2015
  • Frederikssund Art Society, Nordic Artists 2015
  • Gallery GREEN, “WILD and strange” 2015
  • Gallery GREEN, Bruun, Dam and Riber, 2015
  • Gallery GREEN, Sanni Schmidt and Linda Riber, “Schmidt and Riber”, 2014
  • Gallery GREEN, Lisbeth Berens Bang and Linda Riber, “Bang and Riber”, 2014
  • Gallery GREEN, Hanne Olsen and Linda Riber, “Make Sense”, 2013
  • Arke and Riber at SAK, Svendborg, Denmark 2011.
  • Gimsinghoved, Denmark 2011.
  • Gallery Weber, Svendborg, Denmark 2010.
  • Lions Club, Svendborg Denmark 2008.
  • ART Copenhagen, The Nordic Art Fair Copenhagen, 2008
  • Galleri 2RN, Bornholm, Denmark 2008.
  • Dronninglund Artcenter, Denmark 2008.
  • Museum in Tasiilaq, East Greenland, exhibition together with greenlandic children, 2007.
  • Katuaq, Greenlandic House of Culture”The Red Snow Scooter”, Greenland 2006.
  • Nordatlantens Brygge,”The Red Snow Scooter”; Copenhagen, Denmark  2005.
  • Gudenåhouse Bjerringbro; Denmark  2005
  • SAK ” Greenland Though Time” Svendborg, Denmark 2004
  • Guest at ”South Funens Art and handicraft” Fair Svendborg, 2003, 2004 og 2006, Denmark.
  • Guest at “South Funens Artists at SAK” Svendborg, Denmark 2003 og 2008
  • Contemporary Greenlandic Art, travelling Exhibiton in Denmark, arranged by The Union of Danish Art Associations 2001-2003.
  • Special exhibition for Greenlandic art and handicraft, Musuem Færgegården, Jægerspris; Denmark 2001.
  • Travelling Exhibition “Nutaaliorneq” represented Greenland at HRM Queen Margrethes state visit to Belgium 2002, arranged by Greenlands Representation.
  • ”Nutaaliorneq/ New beginnings” has been showed at following places:
  • Natural History Museum, Smithsonian Institution – Washington DC. USA, 2005.
  • Gaaltije, Saami Culture Institute Ôstersund, Sweden 2004.
  • The Danish House, Paris; France 2004
  • GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany 2003
  • Historisk Museum, Tartu University, Estonia 2003
  • City Gallery, Kothla-Järve, Estonia 2003
  • The Gallery of the Artist`s Association, Riga, Lithuania 2002
  • Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia2002
  • Gery, Brussels, Belgium 2002


  • Artproject “Greenlanders and identity” funded by:
  • NAPA (Nordic Institute in Greenland)
  • Cultural Fund Denmark Greenland
  • Juullip Nipitittagaa, Greenland
  • The Royal Greenlandic Fund
  • Copydan
  • Grants from Greenlands Home Rule for the journey and stay in connection with artschool for children in Kulusuk, East Greenland 2007.
  • Grants from Greenlands Home Rule for the journey to stay in Katuaq in conncetion with the exhibition in 2005.
  • Funding from the Ministry of Culture for the journey and stay in Washington DC 2005 in connection with the exhibiton and event during the Greenlandic Culture Festival ”Cool Arctic Hot Greenland” Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Washington DC, 2005
  • GLA Travel Scholarship, 2002


  • Christmas stamps, 2008.
  • Art stamp, Post Greenland, 2007
  • Two stamp issues in the series Norse Mythologi for the Postal Service of Greenland in 2006


  • “Greenland – the world is, as we see it” by Linda Riber, 2010.




Project manager training and health professional background as an occupational therapist

In the year 2022, I have been honored with an award: “Most thought-provoking artist, Denmark”.
EU Business News stands behind it and their selection is based on research that the nominees demonstrate dedication and innovation.

Read more on their official website