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Open Heart

Open Heart Open Heart explores matters, which seem important, concerning, and not always recognizable – the relation to our own heart and the heart of others. The art pieces are 6 pillars, which invite to stimulate both the body, the senses, and the intellect in an aesthetic manner, in order to realize the capacities and…

Greenland – The world, is as we think it

“Greenland- The World is, as we think it” is a fund-supported art project about “Greenlandicness and challenges” consisting of an art and reflectionbook and art portraits. The project involves 20 people who recognize themselves as Greenland natives. They are portrayed in the book as well as in the exhibition. The project focuses on identity and self-awareness – and the project investigates and illuminates “Where is Greenlandicness going?”
Throughout 8 years, the exhibition has been shown in Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, and Denmark.

Former project