Linda Riber

About me:

My passion is to give through my art and my art projects. It is my opinion, that art is for reflection and can help us expand our minds as human beings. Art is to create and  to recognize something you have not seen before – and art invites us to talk about what we find important and relevant.

In my art projects I like cooperation and involvement in developing the project. My latest artproject art project “Open Heart” explores the relation to our own heart and to each others hearts. The project involves children, teenagers, and adults – and is also inspired by science and the theory about what the heart is capable of – apart from being a physiologic pump.

I am a member of the Danish Counsel of Visual Art and have participated in various exhibitions – in Denmark and abroad. Previously I have worked on a large, fund financed art project about “Greenlandicness and challenges” which involves a book and an exhibition. 20 people participated in the project. They recognize themselves as people of the Greenland culture and they are portrayed in the book and in the exhibition. The exhibition has been shown in Greenland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Germany, and Denmark. I have also illustrated children’s` books , and I have printed 7 postal stamps for Greenland Postal Services. During the years I have had many creative workshops for people of all ages, and I enjoy very much the interactive meeting in the creative process development.

I have a background as an occupational therapist, and I have an education as project manager in a Health center.

I live on the island of Thurø with my husband Martin, and we have two wonderful grown-up children. I find happiness in nature, culture, and being physically active. I find inner peace and indulge in literature about spirituality, science, art, cultural health, and everything which can enrich my everyday life.